The programming is amazing and I've gotten a lot stronger. Plus the community is so supportive and great.
Jenna B
I am getting stronger and fueling my body for workouts. I enjoy coming to the gym everyday whenever I can!
Meghan T
Very welcoming and encouraging atmosphere
Jonathan L.
I gained lot of strength and lost couple of pounds. I feel good after every workout.
Bhavya P
I have regained control of my health and lifestyle goals since finishing school. I am focused on making gains and feel accomplished every time I leave CFW! The future is bright (and also full of heavy weights).
Jennifer R.
Crossfit Webster has allowed me to work on my physical and mental capacity. I'm much farther along than I thought I would be thanks to the great programming, coaching and community!
Richard F
West Irondequoit
We came to Crossfit Webster looking for a new gym when we moved to Rochester. We found some amazing coaches and great friends - it became our new home in a short time!
Lars K
I've never been so challenged yet supported at the same time before. This community is strong both physically and emotionally.
Dennis C
Rochester, NY


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