Individual Programming

Classes at CrossFit Webster are programmed to meet the needs of our community of members. Some athletes may find private coaching and programming a better fit to help reach their goals. If interested, we’ve got several options to consider.

One-on-One Coaching:

$60 per hour

$50 per hour for 5 Sessions

$45 per hour for 10 Sessions

Choose from one of CrossFit Webster’s experienced coaches on staff in a one on one setting to accomplish your goals. Sessions will be scheduled outside of regular class times.

Individual Prescription: IP is a program for CrossFit Webster members who want to take the Class workouts and have a specific goal they’d like to work toward. These will be individualized add on programs built specifically for you and will run in conjunction with the Class workouts. We can tailor your Prescription to accommodate any goal you’d like: lose weight, get stronger, improve mobility, build your aerobic capacity, or work on a specific skill. Each athlete with an Individual Prescription will receive access to their own personalized ‘tab’ on SugarWOD, which we will use to keep track of your performance and completion of the workouts. Your coach will follow along and keep up with your progress. A 3-month commitment is required. billed as an add-on to your current membership.

Individual Program Design (CFW iD): Individual Program Design is a program built from the ground up, specifically for you, with all workouts and strength progressions tailored to you and your needs. CFW iD is perfect for remote coaching, can be done at home, at a ‘globo gym,’ or can be done at CrossFit Webster during open gym hours.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Getting to Know You – What are your goals, and what is motivating you to train? We want to make sure you and your coach are on the same page – Lifestyle, Nutrition, Stress, and Sleep Habits: exercise is only one aspect of a healthy life. We want to understand the other factors that will impact your health – both physically and mentally – Injury History: Past injuries will have a potential impact on the types of movements you can perform. We’ll want to cover this to make sure your program reflects any limitations you’ll have. – Expectations: What are your expectations for a coaching relationship, and what will your coach expect from you? Clear and upfront guidelines will help to reinforce a healthy coaching relationship.

Step 2: Assessing your movement – The first week or two will involve some testing to get a better understanding of movement and mobility limitations for future programming.

Step 3: Training and Ongoing Support – You’ll receive your daily training via SugarWOD, complete with a description of all workouts, video demonstration, a way to track your results and record questions for your coach. You’ll know exactly what you need to do each day. – Your coach will review your results weekly, provide feedback, and adjust your program accordingly. – Every month, you’ll have a one on one meeting with your coach – either in person, or virtually (if needed) to review progress, discuss your goals and anything getting in the way, and reset expectations for the next month.

For clients who are working out locally, your one on one meeting could also be used as a one on one coaching session to work on a specific skill (Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Mobility, etc) if you’d like. A 3-month commitment is required. Individual Program Design will be billed as its own membership. Due to the time intensive nature of designing a program specific to you, spaces for CFW iD are limited. Please contact Rob at CrossFit Webster to learn more!


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